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Critical Analysis of Color Application 作業代寫

     Critical Analysis of Color Application  作業代寫
    Critical Analysis of Color Application

    Table of Contents
    1.0 Introduction. 3
    2.0 Symbolic Association. 3
    3.0 Attributes of Color 4
    4.0 Origin. 4
    5.0 Visual Elements. 5
    6.0 Effect on Judgment 5
    7.0 Conclusion. 6
    8.0 Reference. 7
    9.0 Painting. 8

    1.0 Introduction

    Critical Analysis of Color Application  作業代寫
    This is a painting from China, which is completed in 2008, 30 years old after the opening and reform period. In 1978, China started to reform its market and try to develop its economy. After that period, the economy of China begins to develop quickly. Nowadays, China has become a powerful country. In this essay, symbolic associations attributes of color, origin, visual elements and effect on judgment will be part of analyze. The aim is to analyze the example painting’s color.

    2.0 Symbolic Association

    Various theorists consider that color may convey symbolic association or meaning (Albers, 1963). In this painting, the sky is printed with blue, purple and dark. Conventional color is the basic appearance that is associated with an object or substance. In this painting, the artist has a common sense of convention that he painted the sky with blue. Blue is the conventional color of sky. It shows the natural color without ridiculousness. Blue is the main color. Symbolic color-associations have become common in marketing and branding. Blue is also called ultramarine (Albers, 1999). The name comes from Latin for ‘beyond the sea’ as it was imported from Asia. Natural ultramarine is a double silicate of aluminum and sodium derived from lapis lazuli. It was first used in cave paintings in Afghanistan in the 6th century and also in Chinese paintings of the 10th-11th centuries. A costly pigment, synthetic ultramarine became available in the mid 1800s. Natural ultramarine is also used as the color of sky. Take this blue for example. Under the dark blue sky is an urban city. Blue matches economy. However, associated with the background of the painting, it also conveys that an economic reform has been taken throughout the country. And after the period of opening and reform, China did develop more quickly. Blue is synonymous with dependability and reliability. It arouses people of the growth of China’s development. Blue is a symbol of commerce and economy. Seeing the blue sky, some considered that this was the clear sky. And it also represented the bright future of China economy. However, the color of sky, blue with dark and purple, it also conveys little sorrow. If it wanted to convey sense of bright to future, why it used blue with red or yellow? It is really confused.

    3.0 Attributes of Color

    According to the three attributes of color, color is widely considered to have three attributes & these enable the identification & classification of color. In reference to substance color and formula color, these attributes vary somewhat across the literature and in practice (Rüdiger von der Heydt, 2006). However, these are generally referred to as: hue, saturation and tone. Saturation includes chroma and chromaticity, while tone contains tonal value, value and lightness-darkness. It’s obvious that this painting is with high and strong saturation. Though the buildings above the painting are the abstract item, it’s easy to distinguish them as buildings. All the buildings are colorful which showed a beautiful landscape of a city. To look at the painting carefully, some yellow are found among all the building (Hanaoka, 2002). These are all the same side of the building. It showed the direction of natural light are. Nearly the bottom of the painting, constructions become mixed up. Colors are showed in lines which make people want to expand the whole painting.

    4.0 Origin

    The Middle Ages means the decline of the Roman Empire (476AD) marked the end of the Classical Antiquity Period and the beginning of the Middle Ages in the Western world. The Early Middle Ages period is also referred to as the Dark Ages – a period that witnessed a decrease in trade and travel due to the decline in control & authority of the Roman Empire. Color came to be used symbolically in the Muslim world during the Middle Ages. However, this painting ought to be the modern one (Tangkijviwat, 2010). It shows the urban city in 2008, China, 30 years later the period of opening and reform. It doesn’t contain any shade of origin. Comparing a key example is the Blue Mosque at Mazâr-e Sharif. The mosaic ceramic tiles that cover the mosque feature two dominant blues: turquoise and “night-blue”. These two blues predominate but are interspersed with mosaics in white, black, green, yellow and red – the Persian Haft Rang Back in the Western world, during the later middle Ages debate about the existence of ‘primary’ colors continued as did the notion of color correspondences. The availability of a larger range of pigments grew along with increases in trade.

    5.0 Visual Elements

    Color has the capacity to convey meaning and, when combined with other visual elements, can communicate more effectively than words. However, color is a complex phenomenon and its role in visual perception as well as its capacity to elicit cognitive and affective response is not yet fully understood (Garcia, 2003). Color exists as the properties of physical objects and substances; as well as the qualities of our perceptual experiences. Color, as well as our perception of color, rarely remains static – it is always open to the influence and impact of a range of different factors including changing ambient lighting and conditions. In addition, our responses to color as well as our ideas about color also changes over time and these add to the complexity of color. “Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them” – this dictum makes a clear distinction between colors as the physical properties of things (David Hume). Everyone can make different ideas to this painting after he or she have a look on it.

    6.0 Effect on Judgment

    Critical Analysis of Color Application  作業代寫
    Color and the effect on judgments about size brighter, lighter colors tend to make an object appear marginally larger and darker colors make an object appear marginally smaller (Wang, 2001). There is still some white among the blue which make the sky lighter. The blue sky seems to be larger.

    7.0 Conclusion

    After having the course, some critical analysis of color has been known well. The step of analyze the color of a painting or work is clear in the class. In the class, much professional knowledge has been strutted carefully. It’s amazing to appreciate a painting the whole. Color is essential to all the people. Without color, world left nothing any more.
    8.0 Reference
    Albers, J. 1963. Interaction of Clolor. America: Yale University Press.
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    9.0 Painting

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     Critical Analysis of Color Application  作業代寫
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